If you establish knowledge about digitization now, you will be ahead of the times after the crisis – and get off to a flying start!

Finally, the economy is starting to pick up again. However, it will still take a while before things return to full normality. Experts predict that digitization will be the key to a successful upturn. Use the time now and make your employees fit for the future.

Build up relevant knowledge on the most important topics of digitization.

We recommend a combination of three topics:

– Industrial Security

– Machine Learning

– Industrial IoT & Connectivity

Industrial Security

Industrial security is an important topic that receives too little attention.

Cyberattacks threaten the existence of every company. The question is not whether it hits you, but when it hits you. What has long been taken for granted in the office sector is usually neglected in production. Now is the time to close the security gaps and create security awareness.

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Machine Learning

Data is the raw material of the future.

Machine learning is the central technology that provides the opportunity to “learn” from connections between. Join us on a high-level tour through the landscape of machine learning and develop an intuitive understanding of important concepts and methods in this field. 

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Industrial IoT & Connectivity

Technology boosters for your growth after the crisis:

Digitization and Industrie 4.0 are just starting to pick up speed and after the crisis will develop at a rapid pace. Be prepared! In our training, the essential standards like RFID, IO-Link, OPC UA and MQTT are explained in detail and future standards like Ethernet-APL are presented.

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