Munich, December 18, 2020 – Software Engineering – The skill gap is real!

The demand for software engineering is increasing dramatically – the skill gap is real.

Companies can further educate their employees to close this gap.

But what learning content is relevant?

Software needs to be built. The word engineering is often linked to the analogy of building a house. Just as you need architects to design buildings and cities, you also need architects to design software systems.

All those who work with and program these software systems should know about the underlying architectural patterns. These are proven, reusable solution templates for problems which frequently occur in software architecture.

When it comes to the “interior architecture” of software buildings and cities, the corresponding software design patterns become relevant.

University4Industry offers customized training courses about this exciting and complex subject area.

Are you interested in an introduction to software engineering?

Are you already an experienced software developer and would like to expand your knowledge?

Or are you interested in bringing different departments within your company up-to-date?

Whatever your starting situation, University4Industry has a tailor-made solution for you.
Take a look at our selection of learning content here.
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