Customer Experience

“We take millions of decisions improving the customer experience – per hour.”

Jan Bartels, SVP Customer Fulfillment at Zalando

Leaders willing to leverage digital customer experience (CX) and user experience (UX) must dive into these questions:

Themes | Questions
  • How to create a consistent multi-channel user experience?​
  • How to create value from personalization based on data and machine learning?​
  • How to achieve superior customer data management as a basis for all advanced decisions?​
  • How to use analytics for dynamic pricing?​
  • What is the impact of platform business models on the customer experience?​
  • How to best combine methods of digital marketing, dynamic segmentation, social media marketing, and modeling for a superior marketing mix?​
  • When to apply foundational methods like design thinking and UX design?

Digitization for companies as a complete system

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