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What We Do

We support companies in implementing their digitization projects by qualifying employees specifically for new digital tasks. We use practical knowledge that we tailor to the needs of employees in their daily work, concisely explained with the latest technology and didactics. We develop our comprehensive learning offer together with renowned industry experts and institutions. If necessary, we supplement the curricula with customer-specific modules, which we produce with experts at our customers’ sites. Our focus is on the manufacturing industry, especially the automotive, mechanical and plant engineering sectors, and plant construction sectors.

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Our Thematic Areas

Course content is based on the individual level of knowledge of the learners and is accordingly prepared in different ways: Our content is presented in short videos, in which experts explain concepts informally, as well as in summary texts, and diagrams. In challenges, learners deepen and test their new skills by means of action-oriented practical exercises and apply them in virtual laboratories – which means less theory, more practical application and interaction. Each learner decides for himself or herself on the speed and intensity of learning.

How It Works

We understand further education as a project that we manage with our customers. In this project, existing content from our library is selected for the curriculum and, if necessary, supplemented by customer-specific productions. This results in direct relevance and high efficiency for the target group and what is learned contributes directly into the company’s future work.

Definition of needs and learning objectives

Together with our customers we define what and how detailed the various employee groups should learn.

Configuration of personalized curricula

From our extensive course material we create individual curricula for each group of employees. If required, we also integrate newly produced, customer-specific content.

Ensuring a sustainable learning success

We prepare interactive exercises for the learners to deepen their knowledge and apply their new skills.

360 degree support

We actively support the learning success of our users through targeted interventions and regularly adapt the learning content based on user feedback.

Why University4Industry?

  • Combination of industry knowledge with corporate knowledge

  • Sustainable learning success due to project management and user support

  • Maximum efficiency through personalised curricula

  • Quick and easy integration of learning content into existing learning management systems (LMS)

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