Digital enablement
of corporate employees

We use digital methods to solve one of the biggest problems of our time: empowering the employees of large companies and corporations to face the challenges of digitization, across the board.

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Our themes

> 2.000 hrs of teaching content from > 300 experts working at > 90 leading institutions and companies

Industrial IoT &


Machine Learning

With the advent of Industrial Internet of Things (IIoT) and Industrie 4.0, the fourth industrial revolution and the next step towards increasing productivity are not far away.

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Software has become a central differentiator for almost all products, whether they are used industrially or by consumers. Software can transform entire industries.

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Machine learning is the central problem-solving method and technology that allows us to make use of the gigantic amounts of data generated by sensors, “things” and people.

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Industrial Security


Additive manufacturing offers unique opportunities for prototyping and for the development of innovative assemblies. 3D printing is already being used profitably in many industries and the technology is increasingly being used in the automotive and aerospace sectors.

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The increasing digitization of industrial production facilities in the context of Industrie 4.0 and Industrial IoT requires managers from all sides including manufacturers, integrators, and operators, to deal with cyber security in the production environment.

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In order to make meaningful use of the potential of blockchain technology, it is important to recognise and understand the potential for “radical changes in existing industries”, as mentioned by the Expert Commission.

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4 pillars of our offering

Online modules - efficient knowledge transfer

Video-based learning content from leading experts and online exercises. Self-paced learning, flexible and efficient.

Digital labs - experimentation and exploration

Hands-on work with real data, real hardware and practical cases. Self-paced and remote online access for efficient learning.

Cases and projects - discussion and group work

Virtual collaboration with colleagues (using Microsoft Teams) in group discussions and company-specific cases.

Experts and tutors - transfer to daily work

Virtual tutoring sessions and experts discussions (using Microsoft Teams) to bridge the gap between new knowledge/capabilities and own work situation.

Our approach works

Key KPIs show that our approach is successful for large companies and corporations.
We succeed in imparting relevant skills and knowledge to employees across the board.

  • Our customers are leading European and global companies.

  • > 100,000 users with access

  • > 2,500 active, supported users per month

  • > 80% activation rate for voluntary training courses

  • > 80% completion rate for voluntary training courses

  • > 80-90% user Net Promoter Score

  • > 90% of users confirm after 6 months that they were able to apply the newly learned skills in their daily work routine

As an official Microsoft Partner, we offer
training programs on everything related to
Azure Cloud in our unique e-learning format.

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