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The pandemic severely disrupted the way we work, and it happened overnight. Employees are beginning to return to their offices (in parts), however, in order to retain top talent, offering more flexibility in the way of working is essential. How can CEOs, managers, and team leaders in general offer more flexibility while making sure that engagement and productivity stay the same, or even increase?

There are lots of things to consider: leadership and teamwork in virtual or hybrid settings, digital workflows and IT tools, IT and data security in remote work, basic awareness and a common understanding of the new work framework, as well as broad support by leaders and teams.

New Work is needed for the new normal

The New Work course program is aimed at leaders in organizations from all industry sectors that include knowledge workers and are going through a digital transformation process. There is a learning path for team leaders and one for team members. In addition to being introduced to the fundamentals of New Work, participants will learn how to ‘make New Work work’ in their own team.

The right format for your company

Depending on your requirements we offer different courses on New Work and can also tailor the program to your company’s needs.

More information can be found in our New Work Flyer.

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Our Partner in New Work

We are pleased that we have a proven specialist on board for the topic of New Work. Together with Sylvain we developed the course program for New Work and he will actively support the courses (e.g. in live events such as lectures, Q&A sessions and group discussions).

Sylvain has over 20 years of experience in Human Resources with a particular focus on Learning and Leadership Development. He led the Corporate University of General Electric and the group-wide Board initiative "New Work Model" at Allianz, and he is a Senior Advisor at the Columbia Business School in New York. He has a keen interest in understanding how organizations, leaders and culture need to be reinvented to meet the challenges of tomorrow.

Sylvain Newton

Founder of Newton Consulting

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